Opus 140
Opus 161
Clavilux Jr. #'95'
Clavilux Jr. # '91'
Opus 79

Our DVD "5 Thomas Wilfred Lumia Compositions" is temporarily unavailable. We are currently working on a Blu Ray version, and are hoping to release it in early 2017.

If you're an institution, and would like to inquire about showing the ACTUAL work, please contact us at the email listed below.

Information about the Life and Art of Thomas Wilfred, inventor of the Clavilux, as well as progress on the restoration of Wilfred's Clavilux Model E (1924).

NEWSFLASH! The Yale Art Gallery will be hosting a retrospective of Wilfred's work in Feb 2017. The show will then travel to The Smithsonian Museum. More details TBA

In the meantime, check out these links to Wilfred information and images:

www.wilfred-lumia.org The website of Dr. Eugene and Carol Epstein. Collectors and rescuers of many of WIlfred's works.

Yale Library These are about 60 scans from the TW Papers housed at Yale.

Artists On Line The website of Scattergood Moore, amazing artist and lifelong fan of Wilfred and Lumia. Great resource for info about Wilfred.

13Bit Productions Creators of Lumia, a documentary about Wilfred and the art movement he started.

Iota Center Great information about many kinetic artists. Wilfred DVD available in their store.

Center for Visual Music. Another good resource for info about Visual Music and Art. Wilfred DVD available in their store.

For more info, contact aj {at} emutt {dot} com